Sublimation Products

So, what is sublimation?  Sublimation is the use of dye ink printed with a sublimation printer on sublimation paper and then heat pressed to a substrate, or sublimation blank.  For example, to sublimate on a pint glass, the glass would need a sublimation coating on the glass for the dye to adhere to.

What kind of things can be sublimated?  Materials that are mostly polyester can be sublimated.  If there is some cotton, it can still be sublimated, but the colors in the image won’t show up as vibrant. The material needs to be lighter in color.  For example, you can’t sublimate on black material.  However, you can sublimate on a material called sublicloth or subliflock and then adhere to a cotton or dark shirt.  Most hard substrates have a sublimation coating on them to ‘accept’ the dye.  Whether it’s material or hard substrates, the dye must be heat pressed into the material.  So one the image is designed in the software and printed to sublimation paper, the image is adhered to the substrate and then heat pressed with a flat heat press or heat oven (or mug press).

There are so many personalize, custom products that can be made with sublimation.


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